July 4th Unprovoked Insect Attack

Shortly after posting the previous post I realized I was out of options as far as avoiding cutting the lawn went.  I knew activity would ramp up as we approached grill and fireworks time, so I thought I’d ease the pain by getting the lawn done ahead of time.  I hate cutting the lawn, and to make matters worse, the “self propelled” of my machine left me a couple of years ago… so I’ve been pushing this mower with at least several pounds of dead weight attached since then.

But there’s something to be said for ultimately attending to a task, no matter how repugnant.  One minute into cutting the lawn I was feeling pretty good about myself when I felt a searing pain on the inner forearm of my right arm.  I danced a quick jig in an attempt to extract myself from whatever was causing thepain, but when I looked, alas, there was nothing there but a pretty large red lump.  Nothing shocking so far, but the problem was that five minutes later the lump had become an island in a sea of disgusting, very three dimensional hives.  I was determined to finish the lawn, so rare was this moment of near satisfaction, so I pressed on.  The hives continued to spread until I placed myself in the bath after finally finishing – at which point, everything miraculously disappeared.

 I must admit, though, given the level of trepidation about July 4th manifested in my previous posts, things went pretty well.  The steaks I grilled were edible, I did not set myself (or my neighbor) on fire, and the fireworks were thoroughly enjoyed by my daughter from afar (our front lawn.)

My prayers answered, I go to bed humbled, happy to still be in  my skin.