Chinese Teen Cheat Nabbed!

Due to the considerable investigative skills of NBC’s Bob Costas and his patriotic sleuth squad, a diabolical 14 year old Chinese gold medal gymnast has been stopped in her criminal tracks.  Now our appropriately aged gymasts will likely be restored to their due prominence.  Did this Chinese gymast really think she could get away with shamelessly using the enormous advantage of being a 14 years old against her adult and late teens competitors?  This is really an all time low. 

And to top it all off, Bob was careful to point out that precident existed for medal adjustments, and used as his example the ensuing medal redistribution following a drug abuser’s confession at another athletic event.  When you think about it, being a juvenile female gymast is the perfect cover for drug dealing – think how much crystal meth you could fit in one of those pony tails… I believe further investigations are warranted.


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