I am Bibbed

The hernia recovery proceeds – not with great speed, but with great consistency.  I.e., the soreness associated with standing up from a reclined position is diminishing a little each day.  I found that pants, particularly when cinched with a belt, generate a good deal of unecessary discomfort.  This could well have been the sole reason I haven’t returned to work were it not for the fact that my doctor wrote me a 3 week short term disability ticket.After careful reflection I have determined that mixing in society without pants isn’t the best solution, particularly since temperature of the last 3 or 4 days has been well below zero.  No, the solution was to cover my loins with a more generous garment supported by my shoulders, i.e., denim bibs.   I wear these timeless icons of farmerliness with pride, but they make me feel strange when I use big words.  I feel like going out and buying a Bobcat, and to perhaps push some massive quantities of snow around.  I want to point at a car and refer to it as a “vehicle” in the presence of a randomly selected person.  Check this out if you’re not getting the feel of what I’m talking about.  Ah well, the daydreams of a Bibbed man.  More to come. 


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