Surgery Impending

Wow, so it seems that I’ve finally stepped up to the plate to get my irritating hernia fixed (the day after tomorrow.)  Figured that might be in order since we have another nugget on the way, due in May.  Seems as if the likelyhood is that I’ll be out of the hospital on the same day.  However, in order to accomplish this, I’ll be going through the whole deal with only local anesthetic.  I.e., I’ll be more or less conscious throughout the procedure.  However,  I’ll be given sedatives that promote short term memory loss… so, whatever happens, if I don’t remember it, it essentially didn’t happen.  I think that’s the logic.  Worked great when I had my endoscopy, not nearly as great when I had my colonoscopy.  On a positive note (I think,) in this instance I’ll be surrounded by eager beaver residents that will presumably be somehow penalized or shunned if I cry out in agony periodically.  So, I’m banking on peer pressure to bring me through this thing relatively pain free. Of course, the recovery is another matter.  I know I will be supplied with narcotics and will be expected to mostly just lie around the house so… you might ask, what’s the problem?  What’s the problem indeed! Will post again when all my guts are comfortably tucked and meshed behind my abdominal wall, possibly in a state of hallucination. Wish me luck! 


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