Wow, long time no write.  I forgot I had a blog.  Hopefully my minions will not have staggered off a cliff somewhere, having lost the will to live for lack of my blog entries.

 Seriously, I’m confident that didn’t happen – at least not on a large scale.

I came to write down an idea I had about the holidays.  Specifically, on how to miss them.  I’m thinking I could make money hand over fist if I were to rig up some sterile suspended animation chambers.  I’d start selling spots the day after Halloween.  For a thousand bucks you could make yourself comfortable in a chamber and I’d pump your veins with whatever they use for future space travel, and change your diapers until mid-January.  For another ten thousand I’d fix you up with a surrogate to fulfill your holiday obligations, with the option of directing this surrogate to be cooperative or to be as petty and vitriolic as your dear relatives.

Be in touch if you’re interested.  Something can be worked out.  I need the extra cash – we’re expecting a baby in May.