in the woods

This is my first blackberry post. Since my thumbnails are so short I’ll have to pick my words wisely. This might be too much pressure. I’ll get on with it.

I’m writing from the woods in south central Minnesota. The stars look like they did in a 1967 episode of Star Trek. I can’t prove they are real. The crickets sound authentic, though.

I’m on the balcony of a lodge in an attempt to get a quiet moment after being surrounded by children – but they’re still darting all over the place – gimme a break, it’s almost 10 PM and these kids have been running at full speed all day!

Anyway, our angel of a child is asleep, and this moment in Lutheran paradise is ruined for me because other people’s children are less perfect than ours.

Signing off under a full moon, which may in part be responsible foe the behavior of these rascals…



  1. […] in the woods […]

  2. Technology is wonderful. Enjoying nature and mixing in blackberry postings. Think of how easy it is for “us” to communicate compared to back in the day before Guttenberg figured out that whole printing press thing. Culturally, are we more or less prolific writers?

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